Monday, 14 May 2012

Today's Buys

Shirt (£14), Underwear (£2) and Anklet (£4) - All Matalan.
Hair Removal Mitts (97p) - Wilko
BB Cream, Aussie Miracle Conditioner, Toni&Guy Hairspray and Acetone - Superdrug

So I had another little trip into town today, which is all I ever seem to do now I've left university. (Apart from work, obviously..) I didn't really want anything in particular, but whenever I go with my Mum she's such a bad influence and makes me buy things! Honest!

Most of these mini things are for my up and coming holiday to Egypt in June. The BB Cream was an impulse buy, just to try out and see if it actually works. If you read my posts, you will know I have a love-hate relationship with BB Creams until the other month when I tried a lovely one. Hopefully this one is good too.

I've had my eye on this shirt for a few weeks now. I work at Matalan, so obviously when new stocks comes in I always have a little peek, and I could not make my mind up on this shirt. I tried it on today, and fell in love! The print is so lovely, and runs down each side, while the rest is black, so it isn't too over the top. Its also sleeveless, so I can wear it in the summer too. Very happy I finally bought it (was probably due to my mother.)

This is an anklet, again from Matalan, and I always wear them on holiday so I thought I've got to keep up the trend.

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