Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What I Bought Today:

After seeing advertisements everywhere for the new Barry M Magnetic Nail Paint, I was actually in two minds whether to try it or not. I'd always heard good things about the Nails Inc magnetic polish, but at £13 I was unsure as to whether I would actually use it as much. Now, seeing that the Barry M polish was only £4.99, this definitely tipped my decision. There were only three colours and magnetic styles available in the Superdrug near me, so I settled for the black. I'm actually looking forward to trying this out and writing a review, so this is a must watch!

I was primarily looking for an outfit to wear for the annual bank holiday 'Birthday Night Out', which will be happening on Sunday. I would this gem in River Island after stumbling in not really hoping to find anything. I personally can never find anything I like in River Island, so I wasn't really filled with confidence, but as soon as I spotted this dress I loved it. I realise the picture is not good quality, so I will take another when I have the time, but I cannot wait to wear it.

The length comes to just below the knee, with the back of the dress being slightly longer, which I think looks really nice. It is also really light-weight and doesn't cling, so I'm thinking this could be another option which I could take to Egypt. It is classic shirt-style, which about seven or eight buttons leading down to a slightly elasticated waist. 

This is the back of the dress, which I actually didn't realise until I tried it on. The top of the dress crosses over, and there's a slight cut-out just below the shoulders (as you can see.) It's a really nice touch, and gives it a bit more detail instead of just being a plain cut. I love the pattern too, and to be honest I was a bit unsure about it at first, but I decided to be daring! 

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