Monday, 15 July 2013

Green Envee Organics

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Green Envee Organics and they asked if I would be interested in trying and reviewing some of their products. I have to admit I hadn't heard of their company before, so I was very interested in learning more and obviously trying some of their products. They are an American-based company who specialise in organic products that promote and specialise in aromatherapy, homoeopathic and spiritual products.

I wanted the products to be a total surprise, so gave them free choice of what they wanted to send me... and I definitely was not disappointed! I firstly received their lovely little note to me wishing me happy birthday, which was such a nice touch. The products were packaged so nicely too, which always impresses me. I'd like to say all the products were sample sized, but with three products they went up and above, and it looks like I got full sized goodies to try - amazing!

I received all the big products in 'Brazilian Orange & Litsea' - which sounds amazing before I've even smelt/sampled them. I got sent a bar soap, body lotion and aroma mist in that, then different small sachets. These included: 'Tunisian Rosemary & Peppermint', 'French Lavender & Chamomile' and 'Indonesian Patchouli & Orange.' You have to admit, they all sound absolutely gorgeous just from reading the names!

Now for the smaller samples...I received a body scrub, body oil, body lotion and body wash, each one in a different flavour.What I loved about these is that each product comes with an information card, which fully explains the description, instructions on how to use them and finally a low-down on the ingredients. I've never seen this used with samples before and it was so handy to have and actually quite nice to read.

I can't wait to start trying out all these lovely products, as I've only had a spritz of the aroma mist yet. I know I'm going to absolutely love everything labelled 'Brazilian Orange & Litsea' - judging from the aroma mist, the scent is to DIE for! Yum! Keep your eyes pealed for more little posts about these products bloggers, I'm so excited to start trying. 

Have you ever tried any Green Envee Organics products before? Which are your favourite?


  1. these sound really cool, very intrigued! the message they sent you is so sweet too :D xx

    1. I was so happy I got sent them, cannot wait to start using them too! I know right?! Its not very often you get something really personalised from brands so I was super impressed!

      Terri xo